How It Works

Our IV Treatment Process

Our nurses will walk you through step by step during your infusion treatment to make you feel safe and fully aware of the vitamins and fluids that will be entering your body. Typically, the first appointment takes about an hour from start to finish. When a client is a repeat or regular, the entire process can go much quicker.

1. After booking online or via text, you will get a message to confirm the appointment and introducing the nurse who is coming. You will also get a message when the nurse is en route with an ETA.

2. Nurse will arrive and introduce herself/himself at which time there may be a brief discussion as to the package ordered or address any questions the client may have.

3. After reviewing the intake filled out and verifying that there are not any contraindications, vitals are obtained.

4. The IV infusion is prepared. IV access is obtained. Any products that can be pushed are pushed. Then vitamins are added to the bag. Initially the drip starts slow. After everything is added, it is opened up. The average person takes 20-30 minutes for the infusion.

5. The nurse remains with you the entire time until the end when another set of vitals is obtained.

6. When the infusion is complete, the IV is removed and wrapped appropriately. Payment is handled and we are on our way!

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