Our Infusions

Mobile IV Wellness is excited to offer the following infusions:

Skip the hassle of going to a clinic and experience professional IV treatment from the comfort of your home. We make sure to provide you with plenty of IV options to help you find what you need to aid your body’s recovery.

Immunity Blast

Give your body the extra support it may need to help fight off sickness. Loaded with vitamins and minerals that will give your body the backing to overcome and get you back to feeling great.

Myer's Cocktail

This blend of vitamins and minerals is tried and true. A common blend in the IV world that promotes general health and wellness within your body.

Hangover Remedy

Most have experienced a crippling hangover where you just can’t seem to get back into motion. Let us come to you and replenish your body with nutrients in the most effective way possible so you can get back to enjoying your day!

Migraine Relief

Simple fluids will hydrate you and the added vitamins and minerals will replenish your body. This package also comes with a pain and nausea reliever to help mitigate symptoms caused by severe headaches.

Simply Fluids

As the name implies, we provide a simple IV bag that will hydrate your body faster and much more efficiently than average drinking water.

Create Your Own
Starting at $165

We also have the capability to help you create your own IV, tailored to your needs. Our professional IV nurses find the right treatment for all our clients.


NAD+ is found in every cell of the human body and is essential for the creation of energy, metabolism, and regulating other cellular functions. NAD+ levels decline with age thus making it a huge improvement to the quality of life in our aging customers.

High Dose Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very important for those going through chemotherapy.   There are many studies that show the anti-inflammatory component as well as the immunity component help individuals fight cancer.  Getting Vitamin C in high doses may help individuals with certain types of cancer to combat fatigue, appetite, and sleep disorders.  We do advise you to speak with your oncologist to help decide what is best for you in your particular situation.

The Relaxer

This blend is combined to help you deal with stress and anxiety as well as regulating your mood.  It is a unique mix that combines vitamins that will help elevate your mood, give you an even keel level of energy while at the same time helping you become relaxed to help alleviate your stress and anxiety.

The Clarifier

Unfortunately, in today’s world brain fog has become a term we hear way too much.  This unique blend of vitamins will help combat brain fog. These vitamins support healthy brain function as well as enhancing your cognition.  Glutathione in particular helps with forgetfulness and concentrating.

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