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Mobile IV Wellness is now offering Intramuscular shots:

In addition to our IV Infusions, we also carry select IM shots that offer quicker success than your average oral medications. View our shot additions below and try one out during your next treatment!

All IM shots are $30 for mobile appointments & $25 for salon suite appointments.

Amino Blend

Aids in cardiovascular health, vasodilation increasing blood flow, helps erectile dysfunction due to a physical cause


Helps maintain healthy metabolic, nerve, digestive, & cardiovascular functions.

Vitamin B-12

Methylcobalamin – Creates energy, aids in production of red blood cells, stabilizes mood

Vitamin B-Complex

Supports immune function, aids in wound healing, helps gut health, great for skin and anti-aging


Heart health, brain health, potent antioxidant that helps your detoxification system


Supports energy production, enhances athletic performance, promotes weight loss, overall well-being


Provides energy, alleviates stress and anxiety, helps regulate mood, reduces muscle cramping


Pain reducer, anti-inflammatory



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