Immunity Blast

Immunity Blast

A combination of vitamins that give you an immunity boost and help deal with the stress and toxicity your cells are undergoing when you are not feeling well. Also, provides an energy boost to help get you over the hump of being under the weather. Common infusion to help fight the common cold, flu, and even Covid.

Included Vitamins & Minerals:

  • B-complex (B1, B2, B3, B5. B6) (1ml)
  • Vitamin C (4,000mg)
  • B-12 (1,000 mcg)
  • Glutathione (400 mg)

Get back to 100% faster than traditional remedies

Our Immunity Blast infusion is loaded with vitamins that are going to provide your body with the support it needs for a stronger immune system.  Why do we call it “Blast?”  Because you will get a higher than normal dose of Vitamin C.  Most companies include only 1,000 mg in their immunity infusions.  We have loaded this infusion with 4,000 mg of Vitamin C, as well as B-complex, B-12, and Glutathione. This infusion is designed to give your body a healthy boost as you overcome or prepare for ailments like a common cold.

From the comfort of your home

Get a nurse to you and experience a safe and educational IV therapy session as we go over everything in full transparency. Feel ready and prepared with top notch health, and great educational service that comes to you.

Key Vitamins in our Immunity Blast IV

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Saline / Lactated Ringers

Fast Hydration

Vitamin B Complex

Supports Immune Function

Vitamin C Double Dose

Immunity Booster

Vitamin B-12

Creates Energy



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