Treat your bridesmaids/groomsmen with an IV

With your beautiful fall wedding finally coming to life as we approach this great season.


Now is a good time to start thinking about the celebrations and fun things you have planned. A great addition to a bachelorette or bachelor party is a group IV therapy session. They can be extremely convenient and come in handy when dealing with hangovers, needing an immunity boost or general replenishment that with leave you both feeling and looking great.

IV treatments are a safe way to provide your body with nutrients that it needs to feel strong and healthy.

IV packs usually come with a saline fluid, with other added vitamins, minerals, and sometimes even medication. The content of an IV pack goes directly in your bloodstream and has the highest rate of absorption. Your body gets more of what it needs directly to the source so benefits are faster and more effective.

Having a fun night out in celebration of you finding your forever person shouldn’t come with debilitating hangovers. Not for you or your party, so now you can have a great time celebrating with no fear of the next day.

Top benefits include things like,

  • Faster hangover relief
  • Boosted immunity
  • A specialist comes to you
  • Group discounts are usually applicable
  • Can get an IV for more than just hangover relief.

And the list goes on. Needless to say there are plenty of reasons to add a group mobile IV session for you and your party as you celebrate a special night in your life.

There Mobile IV Wellness makes it super easy to schedule a group package of IV treatments and gives more options to help different symptoms. With packs that specialize in Hangover Remedy, Immunity Boost, or a Myers Pack that are all going to leave you feeling great.

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